Some questions to consider ….Is my baby/child

*  meeting  milestones and integrating reflexes 

regulating sleep  patterns

*  enjoying eating/meals and trying new foods

  • *  feel comfortable in new environments with new people

*  making and keeping friends 

* organizing his/her materials for homework and putting together a backpack

*completing self care in time

*expressing thoughts and feelings in word and written form

*riding a bike, kicking and catching a ball

*following along when reading

*sustaining attention and recalling information

*seem happy at ease and adjusting well to changes in life

*finding self worth and value

*holding a rational thought pattern

Am I, as my child’s caregiver ,understanding how best to guide my child and help him/her learn and grow with confidence ?

How does my past experiences effect my ability to parent with comfort and ease ?

Do I really understand what is going on with my child and can I gain knowledge of what is really going on at the root cause ?

Areas I am able to address

Physical -coordination , strength , use of right and left sides of body , controlled movements , motor planning -rhythm and timing , sports related skills, eye hand coordination
 Emotional -feeling of self worth , reducing nervousness , state of calm and relax with daily challenges , being able to ask for wants and needs
Learning /Processing -visual motor , visual perceptual , reading , writing , all academic needs, eye movements
Social-relating , engaging , connecting and interacting with others , developing friendships and learning pragmatics
 Family Counseling – parenting ,understanding each child’s needs , guiding family individually and as a group , strategies for entire family , home adaptations
Mental/Cognitive  -attention , following directions , memory , recall, overall processing

Executive functioning- determining what is important and relevant, solving problems , deductive reasoning , organizing materials, making decisions
Liaison– parent teacher conferences , advocate for the child and parents , assist with goal setting in schools