My daughter was recommended for occupational therapy at 5 years old due to Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. After working with Lisa Griffith, she showed remarkable, amazing progress. She went from refusal to eat most foods to eating 99% normally. She was unable to write anything legibly to now, writing full sentences that are readable. My daughter engages people in social situations appropriately and has full command of her extremities which couldn't be said previously. I trust Lisa's instincts and skill set completely, she is a complete professional, who's an outside of the box thinker. Lisa is doing something she is clearly called to do.



Lisa Griffith was my son's Occupational Therapist for over 3 years.  Over that time I came to know Lisa as person.  She is a truly caring spirit.  She has a very calm and positive energy.  One of the things that impressed me about Lisa was that she always treated my son with respect and saw him as a whole person.  He wasn't just a "sensory kid" he was a fun, loving, boy with a thirst for knowledge who had to overcome some sensory challenges.  He was never just a client he was a child that she truly cares for and wanted to help.  Lisa is a person of great moral character and a true love to help people, especially kids.  One of my son's favorite things when he visited Lisa was when she had her dogs with her.  His face would light up and he was filled with joy at the sight of those sweet pups.  Any child would be lucky to have Lisa as a therapist, I know we were!



My daughter began therapy at 6 weeks old with Lisa.  From the 1st time we met with Lisa she made me feel very welcomed and I could tell then that she was very caring for her patients and dedicated to her work. She made sure she answered any questions I had while giving me helpful information and tips in order to help her even more at home.  I sat in on sessions at the beginning so that I could see what therapy included so I could do the same at home. Lisa helped me gradually  make the transition of sitting in on sessions to sitting in the waiting room,( since I'm the one that had the separation anxiety).  I had never been apart from my daughter more than an hour but I felt she was in very good hands and Lisa is one of the very few people I trust with her. She would always call or text to check on our family to see how we were doing if one of us were sick and if there was anything she could do to help.
Lisa is a very trustworthy person, also a caring, loving, and  devoted worker...it is as if God guided her to us and she will always be like a part of our family forever.